The Joy of Normal

Created by The Company & Rob Watt

“Are the things going through my head right now going through everyone else's?”

This is an experiment

This is a ritual. 

This is the time when you stuck out like a sore thumb.

This is the moment when you realised. 

This is not going to be easy. 

This is normal.

This is not a normal show; it is not a three-course meal. It’s a buffet; a series of thoughts, images, experiences that that you can taste, pick at or ignore. There will be things you enjoy and things you won’t want to stomach again. It is a deluge of dance offs, transformations and an insight into the world of mixed up senses.

Company: Celeste Collins, Destinee Bishop, Dominic McCormack, Emily Wright, Ethan Barrett, India Walton, Jack Norris, Joe Jenkins, Katherine Keddie, Louis Davison, Matt Stamp, Max Davies, Millie Tupper, Patrick Hibberd, Sophie Doyle.

Company Collaborators: Eve Newton, Issy Pullman, Natalie Beecroft 

Director: Rob Watt

Assistant Director: Charlie Clements

Producer: The Orange Tree Theatre

Photography by Slav Kirichok