The Exorcism

By Ross Sutherland

Father David Smith is a young priest with an unconventional approach to exorcism: he has trained himself to see demons as tortured artists. To Father David, every haunting is an immersive art installation. “Therefore, the role of the exorcist is obvious: I must simply be the harshest art critic possible”. But is Father David ready to look upon these demonic artworks first-hand? Something in the walls is waiting to consume him. In fact, it may have done so already...

A brand new ghost story from the team who created the Award Winning Stand By For Tape Back-Up and writer of BBC2's Missing Episode. 

Sutherland’s show – in Rob Watt’s taut production – makes for intriguing, distinctive viewing.” - The Guardian

Rob Watt’s production achieves the not of inconsiderable feat of moving fluidly between moments of silliness and moments of genuine intensity.” - The Stage ★ ★ ★ ★


Writer & Performer // Ross Sutherland

Director & Dramaturg // Rob Watt

Lighting Design // Tom Clutterbuck

Production Photograhy // Myah Jeffers

'Sutherland is one of the most exciting artists around, endlessly inventive, a true adventurer in form'  - The Stage