Rallying Cry

The planet is spinning off its axis.

Humankind is at a tipping point.

We are heading towards disaster.

Divided, we will fall.

20:30 Sat 28 Sep 2019 @ The Old School House, Hull

as part of Contains Strong Words

A medley of compelling spoken word performances, Rallying Cry offers the stage to some of the country’s most outspoken artists to address the state of the nation and imagine a better tomorrow.

After Rallying Cry, I feel like we can at least imagine a better tomorrow.
— London City Nights on BAC Production, 2018

Joelle Taylor, Chiedu Oraka, Zena Edwards and Francesca Beard perform newly commissioned work on the theme of protest. Interrogating the body as political placard, class and the desperate and challenging need for unity in this time of division, Rallying Cry is a call to action.

Directed by Rob Watt //Design by Bethany Wells.


Born and raised in Hull, Chiedu Oraka is a rapper and pioneer of the alternative urban scene, and hailed as the sound of northern working-class England. Chiedu has supported some of the UK’s leading Hip-Hop and Grime MCs.

Francesca Beard is an internationally acclaimed poet. She recently toured her solo show Francesca Beard’s Post-Truth Apocalypse while developing a new show, working title: Confabulation.

Joelle Taylor is an award-winning poet, playwright and author. She is the author of three full collections, including her latest: Songs My Enemy Taught Me.

Raised in Tottenham, Zena Edwards is one the most unique performance poets to come out of London. She has two one-woman shows, Security (2009) and Travelling Light (2011), which both toured internationally to critical acclaim.

This experience, combined with the building being interesting in its own right, makes for a great framework: the performances as jewels beautifully set in a crown of competent and intelligent organising.
— London City Nights on BAC production

Battersea Arts Centre Production:

BAC Company

Francesca Beard, Roger Robinson, Joelle Taylor, Chiedu Oraka, Hannah Silva, Lemn Sissay, Zena Edwards

BAC Emerging Poets

Antonia Jade, Daisy Barrett-Nash, Hansika Jethnani, Marissa Hinds, Oakley Flanagan, Peter DeGraft-Johnson, Sarah Chitson, Shaniqua Benjamin

Protest Marshalls

Fabian Fiedler, Georgia McKnight, Ingrid Felix, Rafaela Nicolay, Samantha Atkin, Skyla Byant


Abdul Shylon, Heidi Vogel, Marcina Arnold, Geniyo


Thursday 4 October: Tree House Fire

Friday 5 October: Benin City

Saturday 6 October: DJ Conrad Kira


Director: Rob Watt

Designer: Bethany Wells

Sound Designer: Jethro Cooke

Producers: Lisa Mead (Apples and Snakes), Richard Dufty & Nassy Konan (BAC)

Stage Manager: Maria Gurevich

Production Manager: Gareth Howells

Assistant Director: Myah Jeffers

Assistant Producers: Divya Satwani & Emilian Isibo

Presented by Apples and Snakes

Photographs by Suzie Corker & Myah Jeffers

Without community, there is no liberation. In our rallying and marching, we rediscovered community in one another.
— Audre Lorde, Poet and Activist