Rallying Cry

The world is revolting.

People are angry.

A storm is coming.

This is a protest.

This is a call to arms

UK’s leading spoken words artists declare their rebel yell as BAC is plunged into a rebel rousing rukus, from its largest rooms to its most intimate corners. This is not a moment to keep calm and carry on. Rallying Cry is an immersive journey across the building, presented as part of Apples and Snakes 35-year celebrations

This experience, combined with the building being interesting in its own right, makes for a great framework: the performances as jewels beautifully set in a crown of competent and intelligent organising.
— London City Nights

Photographs by Suzie Corker & Myah Jeffers


Francesca Beard, Roger Robinson, Joelle Taylor, Chiedu Oraka, Hannah Silva, Lemn Sissay, Zena Edwards

Emerging Poets

Antonia Jade, Daisy Barrett-Nash, Hansika Jethnani, Marissa Hinds, Oakley Flanagan, Peter DeGraft-Johnson, Sarah Chitson, Shaniqua Benjamin

Protest Marshalls

Fabian Fiedler, Georgia McKnight, Ingrid Felix, Rafaela Nicolay, Samantha Atkin, Skyla Byant


Abdul Shylon, Heidi Vogel, Marcina Arnold, Geniyo


Thursday 4 October: Tree House Fire

Friday 5 October: Benin City

Saturday 6 October: DJ Conrad Kira


Director: Rob Watt

Designer: Bethany Wells

Sound Designer: Jethro Cooke

Producers: Lisa Mead (Apples and Snakes), Richard Dufty & Nassy Konan (BAC)

Stage Manager: Maria Gurevich

Production Manager: Gareth Howells

Assistant Director: Myah Jeffers

Assistant Producers: Divya Satwani & Emilian Isibo

Presented by Apples and Snakes

Without community, there is no liberation. In our rallying and marching, we rediscovered community in one another.
— Audre Lorde, Poet and Activist