By Mike Bartlett

“Work out what you want and go for it with all your conviction and don't care if you seem outrageous or stupid. . . All that's needed, in the end, is belief.”

Institute of the Arts Barcelona

December 2018

An identical, terrifying dream haunts Londoners in the midst of economic gloom and ineffective protest. Whilst the prime minister considers a preventive war, a young man returns home with a vision for the future. Coincidences, omens and visions collide with political reality in this epic new play from the writer of Earthquakes in London. Set in a dark and magical landscape, it depicts a London both familiar and strange, a London staring into the void. In a year which has seen governments fall as the people take to the streets, 13 explores the meaning of personal responsibility, the hold that the past has over the future and the nature of belief itself.


Director: Rob Watt

Designer: Valentina Ricci

Movement: Hanna Tams      

Lighting: Amadeo Solernou

Sound & Video: Wattnot Productions 

Producer: Emma Groves-Raines

Stage Manager: Brittany Field 

Marketing: Rosie Alexander

Head of Acting, IAB: Drew Mulligan


Martin, Esther - Alex McIntosh

Ruth - Karolina Jensen

John - George Bloomfield

Dennis, Rob, Heckler - George Bridgewater

Sarah - Laura Navarro                           

Ruby, Zia - Lidia Guillem                                           

Holly, Police Officer - Malwina Wisniewska                         

Shannon, Alice - Michelle Anne Collyer                        

Amir, Sir Christopher - Pau Zeiss                                  

Stephen, Police Officer - Samuel Brierley                          

Mark, Liam - Sebastian Batter                      

Carol, Edith, Fiona, Sally - Serola Wright                                

Rachel - Silvia Naval