Post-Truth: How We Have Reached Peak Bullshit and What We Can Do About It

Over the past few years, the concept of ‘post-truth’ has been attracting increasing attention in both scholarly and journalistic circles. It is, of course, primarily associated with the success of Donald Trump as well as with the UK Brexit referendum campaign. As a result, it is no coincidence that ‘post-truth’ was chosen by Oxford Dictionaries as the ‘Word of the Year’ in 2016 nor surprising that there has been a proliferation of books on the subject (of which, publications by James Ball, Matthew d’Anconaor Julian Baggini are perhaps the most notable). While someone with an interest in post-truth might find it difficult to choose a worthwhile read, if one was to select just one book out of those currently available, Evan Davis’s Post-Truthwould undisputedly top the list
— Democratic Audit UK
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Post-Truth Apocalypse

One way to explore the concept of the ever proliferative Post-Truth is to read Evan Davis' new book or, and probably a more exciting way, is to get along to Francesca Beard's show How To Survive a Post Truth Apocalype it is still touring the UK and is coming to London next week. Click the links below to book your tickets.