A day in the life...

A month ago the Department of Culture, Media and Sport asked me to write a blog post that looks at a typical day... and this is what I wrote...

I don’t have a typical day and that is how I like it.

I wake at about 6.30am – I am not really a morning person but have trained myself to get up early as I end up being a lot more productive with my day. On the majority of days I will go to the gym, a few years back I would have thought this was total madness but it shocks my system into action. I also have a dog so I walk him.

Currently, I am producing the Connections Festival at the National Theatre so my days are consumed by lots of preparation. We have ten youth theatre companies coming to the National Theatre from all over the country and it is my job to make sure they have everything they need to make it a brilliant experience. This is my 5th year producing the festival so I feel relatively on top of everything – I also have an awesome team. For the past couple of months I have travelled the length and breadth of the country watching loads of youth theatre productions; this year I have genuinely been overwhelmed by the brilliance of the work I have seen.

Over lunch I have a Google Hangout with Bethany Wells and Katharine Williams, the designer and lighting designer of my new Edinburgh show, Human Resources, written and performed by Hannah Walker and Chris Thorpe. We are in that interesting time where the show is not quite formed but we need to make some decisions to move the production on – also Summer Hall, our Edinburgh venue, is needing specs! A lot of meetings I have recently are through Google Hangout or Skype.

The afternoon sees me in technical rehearsals for one of the Connections shows. It is a wonderful moment when a youth theatre-company, who has created a show on a shoestring, is given the resource of the NT. It is one of the best moments of my job when they get to realise their show as they had intended.

I head home to feed and walk my dog and then straight out to the Bush to watch Francesca Beard run a scratch version of a show we are working on called A Lie. Francesca is performing it at Latitude in a few weeks so this is a chance to see how it works in front of an audience. There is a bit of audience participation so these moments are so important as we just don’t know how it will land in a rehearsal room.

I am home by 12 ready to start all over again tomorrow!
— http://dayinthecreativelife.tumblr.com/post/122944513687/rob-watt-theatre-director