Sexy Post-Truths; two brand new shows...

I am thrilled to announce two new theatre shows I am developing with two wonderful spoken words artists and a band of brilliant creatives. Both shows are achingly relevant and we will be scratching, previewing and premiering them in the next few months. Click the links below for more info... 

Francesca Beard Promo_ Suzi Corker Photography 407.jpg


by Francesca Beard

An epic journey through a wasteland of wonder lies, stranger-than fictions and Wikipedia ‘facts’. Join Francesca, your sham-shaman, on an epic adventure through a wasteland of lies, fictions, and wikipedia facts. Through a series of encounters in this underworld of untruth you will explore lies in their many forms, from political spin, to polite half-truths: ‘We live in a meritocracy" to “thank you Grandma, I love this cardigan."


by Vanessa Kisuule

As a young woman who loves poetry, smashing the patriarchy and a well timed slut drop, this has been a question that has plagued Vanessa her whole life. SEXY playfully looks at our conflicted relationship with our bodies and sexiness.