PARTY TRAP play text now available...



Last year Ross Sutherland and I went on a journey to make a play that ran both forwards and backwards. If you missed it then you can now buy the playtext - it also Includes an introductory essay by the author.


PARTY TRAP is a play written entirely in palindromic form. Each line in the first half of the play is mirrored in the second half, creating a mind-bending story about media and politics in a post-truth age. 

A journalist and a politician clash during a live TV interview. What begins as a normal TV programme quickly unravels into a waking nightmare. A trap has been set: can either side escape it?


“Sutherland’s sheer skill means he’s pulled off something unparalleled. It’s a proper play, and a proper palindrome, with theme reflected in form reflected in theme.” - TIME OUT

First published December 2016 | 111 pages