"Something amazing happens when a person dies..."

Ian Bonar, writer and performer of Be Prepared tells us about a brilliant thing that happened this week. 

An amazing thing happened at the show yesterday.

An old couple were sitting in the front row and as soon as I started to speak the lines taken from my Grandad’s memoirs they seemed to, just, connect to it. Little nods and affirmations.

And as I left they came up and introduced themselves. Terry Bonar and her husband of 50 years Willy.

She is my second cousin, my Grandad’s niece and the granddaughter of the man in the poster Big Davy Bonar.

I’ve never met her before and she made the trip down from the highlands to see the show - my great Aunt Jean had, apparently, told her about the it and the fact that I was using the image of my Great Grandfather for the poster.

It was the most incredible experience talking to her after the show after a cup of tea.  She was there when my Grandad went off to fight in Burma.  She was young, but she remembers him falling out of the window in the hospital and she remembers a young nurse finding him in the broken glass who later became his wife. She remembers his Raleigh Golden Arrow with a 3 speed gear that she wanted so much for herself. She remembers The Nine Arches Viaduct.  The Glen Burn. She remembers him returning from Burma. Alive, but changed.

And she told me something I didn’t know; That Big Davy Bonar, every Sunday, took out a bible and everyone had to sit and listen as he read it from start to finish.

Every Sunday. At the same time. Whoever was in the house would have to sit. And listen. Which wouldn’t be so extraordinary except for the fact that Big Davy Bonar never went to church in his life.

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Source: www.bepreparedplay.com