Fostering Bold Conversations Across a Divided Nation / by Rob Watt

I have just been appointed Outreach Associate to head up Headlong Theatre's first community project called Headlong Futures. 

Our nation is divided. The north, the south. The haves, the have-nots. The cities and the rural communities. Those who benefit from regeneration and those who don't. Those whose local economies thrive off immigrant labour and those who are threatened by it. Are we so different? What can we learn from each other's experiences?  What is specific to each community? What's universal? What do we want to tell the world about where we are from? We believe theatre is the best way to safely explore these differences and to celebrate our commonality.

In collaboration with four partners, we will embed ourselves in specifically targeted communities and use theatre to ask questions about their home, their community, their futures. We will work in these communities with regular sessions over an 18 month period to make a piece of work, with a writer, based around the questions and contradictions that seem most potent.

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