5 Top Tips for getting into the Creative Industries.

A few weeks back The DCMS asked me what my 5 top tips were for people to get into the Creative Industries. It was an interesting task thinking about what advice I could give; here is what I came up with.

  • Make-work – you can make-work on a shoestring, money helps but don’t wait for it.
  • Be authentic – why make work that you are not proud of. It may sound odd but when I started out I made work that I thought other people wanted to see rather than making work that connected with me. Trust that if you love it someone else will.
  • Be nice – this costs nothing but so many people forget! It helps people to remember you and makes the process of making work a while lot more enjoyable.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask – for so long I felt I had no right to ask for a meeting, or advice, or work experience, but there are so many people who are willing to offer people experience and time. Just get in contact with them; the worst they can say in no.
  • Get a job that will support the beginnings of your creative career. Lets be honest, the creative industries doesn’t, in the majority, pay big bucks so get a job that will help pay the rent. Working in a theatre in Box Office or as an usher will keep you in the industry but will pay regularly.

Do you have any more suggestions? 

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