Love and Information trailer released by Rob Watt

Someone sneezes. Someone shares a secret. Someone won’t answer the door. Someone can’t feel pain. Someone’s not ready to talk. Someone hates irrational numbers. Someone told the police. Someone got a message from the traffic lights. Someone’s never felt like this before.

In this fast-moving kaleidoscope more than a hundred characters try to make sense of what they know.

25 - 28 October 2017, Institute Of The Arts Barcelona


Samantha Atkin, Olivia Akinson, Juan Callirgos, Regard Eliassen, Rebecca Fixemer, Annamad Hjortass, Sina Klinski, Patrizia Maio, Rafaela Nicolay, Paula Ortiz, Riccardo Portone, Antonio Rob, Lisa Ullrich, Kimberley Van Der Leeuw


Director & Dramaturg: Rob Watt

Design: Valentina Ricci

Lighting: Amadeus Solernou

Sound: Rob Watt

Voice: Olivia Owens

Poster Image: Clem Onojeghuo

Producer: Institute of the Arts, Barcelona

Catch 'Missing Episode' on BBC2 this Saturday...(it's my first BBC credit!) by Rob Watt


Missing Episode

I have once again had the pleasure of working with the wizard that is Ross Sutherland on Missing Episode airing on BBC 2 as part of Performance Live. 

On 7 October 1997, Ross Sutherland was watching EastEnders with his parents when there was a knock at the door. He never saw the end of that episode. Now, 20 years later, Ross returns to his family home to revisit the events of that night, with a little help from EastEnders. Aided by musician Jonnie Common, Ross remixes that fateful episode into an audio-visual poem, finding new meanings hidden in the background of the soap.

Part of Performance Live, this film was produced and developed in partnership with Arts Council England and Battersea Arts Centre to showcase some of the most exciting artists working in performance today.

Broadcasts on Sat 7 Oct 2017, 22:30


Producers: Catherine Bray, Anthony Ing

Executive Producer: Emma Cahusac

Series Producer: Andrew Fettis

Production Company: Loop Projects Limited

Writer & Performer: Ross Sutherland

Musician: Jonnie Common

TV Director: Charlie Lyne

Theatre Director: Rob Watt

Sexy Post-Truths; two brand new shows... by Rob Watt

I am thrilled to announce two new theatre shows I am developing with two wonderful spoken words artists. Both shows are achingly relevant and we will be scratching, previewing and premiering them in the next few months. Click the links below for more info... 

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Fostering Bold Conversations Across a Divided Nation by Rob Watt

Our nation is divided. The north, the south. The haves, the have-nots. The cities and the rural communities. Those who benefit from regeneration and those who don't. Those whose local economies thrive off immigrant labour and those who are threatened by it. Are we so different? What can we learn from each other's experiences?  What is specific to each community? What's universal? What do we want to tell the world about where we are from? We believe theatre is the best way to safely explore these differences and to celebrate our commonality.

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Party Trap trailer released by Rob Watt

Party Trap by Ross Sutherland opens next week at Shoreditch Town Hall - ahead of its opening here is a little glimpse into what a palindromic play is all about. 

Party Trap is a darkly comic, dystopian glimpse of Britain’s near future: experienced entirely in palindromic form. A television journalist and a politician clash live on-air. What begins as a traditional interview slowly unfolds into a waking nightmare. A trap has been set: which side will walk into it?