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a walk between

Southside House, Wimbledon, 2007

Performed at dusk in the walled gardens of Southside House, Wimbledon, A Walk Between reflected the wild, almost magical character of the site. Taking the visually evocative depictions of Venice in Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, as initial inspiration, a period of six months was spent visiting Southside, researching in to its history, and creating stories that explored one’s ability to describe places we remember. 

Using the primary notion of a conversation between a traveller and a character enclosed by the garden’s walls, four actors were brought on board in the final stages to develop more personal accounts of cities travelled, and it is through these characters that stories unravelled - an old man waiting for letters from his daughter, a postman on a boat taking letters to a port, a letter to a mother in times of war... Thus a performance emerged that enabled the audience to explore the garden for themselves, at the same time chancing upon concurrent scenes, some intimate, others frenetic, before the gate was closed, thrusting them back outside to question whether what had been seen had even happened at all.

Designed by Lizzy McBain & Tania Grillo

Produced by Under Construction Theatre

Performed by: Louisa Chadderton, Ming Chiang, Blayne George, Tania Grillo, Lizzy McBain, Paula Rodriguez