Love and Information

By Caryl Churchill

What is love? Is it a thing? Or is it just a way to exchange our DNA, or trade thoughts, sensations, body fluids, beliefs? In 60 microscopic plays, more than 100 characters strive to discover or forget; connect or withdraw; cause pain or avoid it; know and be known; love. Love and Information is a dazzling kaleidoscope of contemporary life: funny, moving and profound.


Samantha Atkin, Olivia Akinson, Juan Callirgos, Vegard Eliassen, Rebecca Fixemer, Annamad Hjortass, Sina Klinski, Patrizia Maio, Rafaela Nicolay, Paula Ortiz, Riccardo Portone, Antonio Rob, Lisa Ullrich, Kimberley Van Der Leeuw


Sound & Video // Rob Watt

Voice // Olivia Owens

Poster Image // Clem Onojeghuo


Director // Rob Watt

Design // Valentina Ricci

Lighting // Amadeus Solernou

Producer // Emma Groves-Raines

Assistant Director // Pedro Vaz