How To Survive A Post-Truth Apocalypse

by Francesca Beard

“Imagine if we could stop lying, imagine if everyone just told the fucking truth.”

Join Francesca Beard, your sham-shaman, on an epic adventure through a wasteland of lies, fictions, and wikipedia facts. Through a series of encounters in this underworld of untruth you will explore lies in their many forms, from political spin, to polite half-truths: ‘We live in a meritocracy" to “thank you Grandma, I love this cardigan." This new show explores our new “post-truth” world that's had enough of experts and asks what is the global cost of make-believe, what is a lie made of and can the truth set us free?


Writer & Performer: Francesca Beard

Director & Dramaturg: Rob Watt

Producers: Tom McAndrew 

Lighting Design: Charlie Morgan Jones

Sound Design: Jethro Cooke

Video & Costume Design: Shawn Soh

Technical Stage Manager: Nick Slater

Technical Operator: Rose Hockaday

Poster Design: Matt Mifsud

Poster photography: Suzi Corker

Production Photography: Claire Haigh


With Support from Apples and Snakes