by Rob Watt

In the damp, spooky tunnels under Waterloo station, a new immersive experience brings RL Stine's spine-tingling stories to life. A trail takes young adventurers on an eerie adventure through Professor Molloy's Museum of the Weird - but be careful don't wake Slappy the puppet up.


★★★★★ The London Economic – “A heady mix of horror and humour...”

★★★★ The Stage “…hugely effective immersive theatre...”

The Curious Mum“An interactive masterpiece…” 

Top 10 Children's Theatre to See in Half Term - Timeout

Top 20 Things to do in Half Term - Daily Mail

How much can I scare the kids?

Adapting such an iconic series of books and transforming them into a spine tingling immersive adventure was an awesome challenge. I wanted to create an experience that allowed children, and adults alike, a breath-taking journey through some of the most gruesome stories R L Stine created. It was important that we produced the right balance of scares, oddness and laughter; that when you leave Professor Molly’s Museum of the Weird you have defeated the monsters you were scared of.

It should feel like going on a rollercoaster; the anticipation of queueing up, the fear building as you slowly rise up the first incline, the exhilaration of doing the loop the loop, the relief when you have finished, and the weird feeling of wanting to do it all over again.

So, strap in, hold your breath and don’t scream too loudly!

Creative Team

Writer / Director - Rob Watt

Casting Director - Anne Vosser

Designer - Samuel Wyer

Associate Designers - Darling & Edge

Special Artwork - Tim Jacobus 

Co-Lighting Design - Charlie Morgan & Paul Walmsley

Sound Design - Daffyd Gough  

Costume Design - Susan Kulkarni

Composers - The Tiger Lillies

Production Manager - Andy George  

Graphic Design - Booments.Com


Professor Molloy - Adanna Oji

Karloff Menace - David Chittenden

Karloff Menace - John Conway

Boon Dixon - Alicia Barban

Boone Dixon - Dylan Tate

Chuck Green - Ross Mcloeod

Audience Plant & Body Squeezer - Luisa Guerreiro

Michael Munroe & Slappy - Gordon Millar

Scarecrow & Slappy - Luke Chadwick-Jones