by Rob Watt

In the damp, spooky tunnels under Waterloo station, a new immersive experience brings RL Stine's spine-tingling stories to life. A trail takes young adventurers on an eerie journey through Professor Molloy's Museum of the Weird - but be careful not to wake up Slappy the puppet.


★★★★★ The London Economic – “A heady mix of horror and humour...”

★★★★ The Stage “…hugely effective immersive theatre...”

The Curious Mum“An interactive masterpiece…” 

Top 10 Children's Theatre to See in Half Term - Timeout

Top 20 Things to do in Half Term - Daily Mail

Creative Team

Writer / Director - Rob Watt

Casting Director - Anne Vosser

Designer - Samuel Wyer

Associate Designers - Darling & Edge

Assistant Director - Pedro Vaz

Special Artwork - Tim Jacobus 

Co-Lighting Design - Charlie Morgan & Paul Walmsley

Sound Design - Daffyd Gough  

Costume Design - Susan Kulkarni

Composers - The Tiger Lillies

Production Manager - Andy George  

Graphic Design - Booments.Com


Professor Molloy - Adanna Oji

Karloff Menace - David Chittenden

Karloff Menace - John Conway

Boon Dixon - Alicia Barban

Boone Dixon - Dylan Tate

Chuck Green - Ross Mcloeod

Audience Plant & Body Squeezer - Luisa Guerreiro

Michael Munroe & Slappy - Gordon Millar

Scarecrow & Slappy - Luke Chadwick-Jones